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Evan Elrod

Guidance news - including announcements regarding 2022-23 Course Requests, Credit Recovery, along with details on the upcoming AP Exams.

Students have the ability to see their course requests for the following year by logging onto their PowerSchool account and clicking the “class registrations” button. Students can make changes to their requests until June 30. After June 30 no changes will be made until school resumes in August. 

Any student that has failed a core class (Math, English, Science, or Social Studies) can make up the credit by doing an online credit recovery class. Students can start these classes anytime. The cost of the class is $50.00 and the money is refunded upon successful completion of the class. See your guidance counselor to sign up for the class. Credit recovery classes will be available over the summer.

AP Exam Administration

We will be administering AP Exams during the first two weeks in May.  The exam dates are chosen by the College Board and must be taken on these specific dates and times.  Taking the exam is mandatory for earning credit in the course.   Students who do not take the exam will fail the course for the semester.

Week 1

Monday, May 2 8:00 - US Government - LGI     12:00 Chemistry - Community Room

Tuesday, May 3 8:00 - Environmental Science - Community Room    12:00 Psychology - Community Room

Wednesday, May 4 8:00 - English Lit (Seniors) - Community Room    12:00 No Exam

Thursday, May 5 8:00 - No Exams    12:00 Statistics - Community Room

Friday, May 6 8:00 - US History -LGI and Community Room 12:00 Deadline to submit Studio Art

Week 2 

Monday, May 9 8:00 - Calculus - Community Room    12:00 - Computer Science - Community Room

Tuesday, May 10 8:00 - English Language (Juniors) - Community Room

Wednesday, May 11 8:00 - Spanish Language - Community Room    12:00 - Biology - Community Room

Thursday, May 12 8:00 - World History - LGI    12:00 - Physics - Community Room

Friday, May 13 No Exams

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